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  • A knot is 1.15115 miles per hour
  • A knot is 1.85325 kilometer/hour
  • Fuel is 6 lbs per Gallon so 38 gallons is 228 pounds of fuel.
  • Yokota Field Elevation is 463 feet Above Sea Level
  • Yokota is Zulu +9 hours
  • Pressure Altitude = 29.92 - Current Altitude Setting * 1000 + Field Elevation
  • Density Altitude = Current Temperature - 15° * 120 + Pressure Altitude
  • Maneuvering Speed - Highest speed before wings come off
  • Standard day is 15°C or 59°F at 29.92lbs pressure
  • True Air Speed increases 2% per 1000feet altitude increase
  • When Landing: ---- Power for Climb, Pitch for speed
  • Vfe = Maximium Velocity w/Flaps Extended
  • Vso = Stall speed with flaps extended so=stuff out
  • Vs1 = Stall speed w/o flaps s1(si)=stuff in
  • Vno = Maximium crusing speed, (top of green arc) no=normal operations
  • Vne = Velocity never to be exceeded (red area of arc) ne=never exceed
  • Vx = Best rate of climb (think 'x' as in obstacle to climb over)
  • Vy = Best rate of climb to altitude speed y=into the yonder
  • Flying from one pressure to another "High to Low, look out below!". High to low, true altitude decreases.
  • Nine - Pronounded "Niner"
  • Five - Pronounced "Fife"
  • Three - Pronounced "Tree"
  • Angle of Incidence - the fixed angle of the wing to the aircraft fuselage
  • QNH - European version of atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Magnetic Varitiation - ANDS = "Accelerate North, Deaccelerate South". UNOS = "Overshoot North turns, Undershoot South Turns"
  • Every 100 miles of journey, update Altimeter setting
  • 100 Octane Gasoline = "AvGas" Blue Colored
  • 91 Octane Gasoline = "MoGas" Pink Colored
  • 45° Bank is 1.5G's
  • 60° Bank is 2.0G's
  • Cessna Stall angle is 18°
  • Cessna Maneuving Speed/Max G's is 3.8G's
  • If lost, 5 "C's" - Climb, Conservev, Call, Confess, Comply
  • Parasite Drag - Aircraft body drag
  • Induced Drag - Lift or Suction drag
172 CockPit Layout

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01-Suction Gage 02-Clock 3-Air Speed 4-Attitude Indicator 05-Altitude 06-Radio Direction 07-Fuel Gages 08-Turn Coordinator

09-Heading 10-Vertical Speed 11-Radio Direction 12-Oil Press/Temp 13-Amp Meter 14-Tachometer 15-Radio Transmit 16-ADF Bearing

17-Yoke 18-Fuel Primer 19-Master Power 20-Ignition 21-Circuit Breakers 22-Light Switches 23-Head Set Jacks 24-Hand Brake

25-Rudder Left 26-Rudder Right 27-Elevator Trim 28-Rudder Trim 29-Fuel Tank Selector 30-Audio Control Panel

31&32-Communication Navigation 33-Transponder 34-Headset Volume Balance 35-Fuel Mixture Indicator 36-Hobbs (Hours) Meter

37-Copilot Head Set Jacks 38-Carb Heat 39-Throttle 40-Fuel Richness 41-Flaps 42-Cabin Heat 43-Aux Radio Microphone

  • Magnetic Compass Errors - ANDS (Acclerate North, De-accelerate South)
  • Magnetic Compass Errors - UNOS (Undershoot North, Overshoot South)
  • 3 Types of Night, Civil Twilight, one hour after sunset/one hour before sunrise, 6° below horizon
  • FAR's --Part 61 is Private Pilot Regulations and certifications, Part 91 is Operations of Aircraft Flying
  • Westbound traffic is even altitude +500 feet
  • Eastbound traffic is odd altitude +500 feet. (Only Odd People Fly East)
  • Fully inflated windsock means 15knots
  • ASRS report to NASA is get out of jail free card mentatility
  • Progressive Taxi - request name when you don't know the layout of the airport.
  • UNICOM - Universal radio frequency at airports
  • MULTICOM 122.75 universal air to air chatter frequency
  • PIRPT - Private Pilot Report - in flight weather report to local Flight Watch 122.00
  • 1-800-WX-BRIEF phone number for CONUS weather briefs
  • DUATS.COM and DUAT.COM (CONUS weather briefs)
  • METAR - Metorlogical Aerodrome Report - weather advisories
  • NOTAM - Notice to Airmen - operations advisories
80 Octane
100LL Octane
100 Octane
JET-A Fuel
Water in AVGAS
Water in AVGAS

100LL Octane Fuel and JET-A Fuel side by side

Bio Contamination