Black Tigers on the World of Warcraft
RJTY 060055Z AUTO 17003KT 9999 CLR 18/07 A3024 RMK AO2 SLP240 T01770070 $
Yokota Air Base
060055Z On the 06th day of this month, at 0055Zulu Time
AUTO Automatic Reporting, by a weather sensor machine, not a person
17003KT Reported Winds, in Knots. First three digits are compass readings of where the wind is from, then the last two is amount of wind speed in knots. In this example, winds from 170 at 3knots. A "G" inside means gusts.
9999 Visibility - 9999 means visibility more than 10km

Cloud cover, representetd in Octas. Height of clouds are also displayed in thousands of feet.

SKC = Sky Clear
FEW = 1-2 octas
SCT = 3-4 octas
BKN = 5-7 octas
OVC = 8 octas

18/07 Temperature and Dewpoint. The current temperature is 18 degrees Celcius, Dewpointis 07 degrees celcius.
A3024 Current Altimeter Setting is 30.24
RMK Means Remark follows
AO2 Automated Observation Station, with percipitation meter. AO1 machines do not meter rain.
SLP240 Sea Level Pressure in millibars. 240 it 1240. The first digit number 1 is dropped.
T01770070 Temperature information again.017.7 is curent Temp, Dewpoint is 007.0